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Making billing and collections easier and more efficient — for everyone 

Delivering invoices and collecting payments: Sounds easy, right? Wrong. In a manual environment, AR teams are often saddled with tedious tasks and limited visibility that prevents them from providing real, strategic value to the operation. Esker has the antidote.     

Equipped with a wide range of collaborative, team-friendly capabilities, companies using Esker are in prime position to:

  • Reduce invoice delivery and operational costs
  • Increase e-invoicing adoption rates among customers
  • Track invoice delivery and late-paying customers
  • Set up relevant strategies to get paid faster
  • Offer customers self-service portal options 

Get invoice data out in the open.

A lot of checks and balances have to take place to get customer invoices delivered quickly and cost effectively. That’s where Esker makes a world of difference. Our solution gets critical invoicing analytics in the hands of key stakeholders — unifying workflow and optimising every action.

E-invoicing project managers can:

  • Drill down into e-invoicing adoption rate metrics
  • Adapt strategies or facilitate initiatives to increase adoption
  • Ensure e-invoices can be generated in any format across any channel
  • Get invoice compliance and online archiving

Sales administrators can:

  • Track invoice status and follow up on overdue invoices
  • Get auto-notifications on undelivered invoices (even mail)
  • Retrieve and resend any invoice in a few clicks
  • Answer enquiries on portal chat tool 
  • Log disputes 

Tax auditors can:

  • Access archived invoices from a specific period of time
  • Verify the validity of e-signatures and associated details
  • Check to ensure invoice content has not been altered
  • Determine if archived invoices are in compliance 


Time for an update
Approximately 50% of all businesses still use manual processes for managing their receivables.*
* AIIM  


Going Beyond DSO

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A dream solution for finance execs 

When you’re responsible for managing company income, expenses and overall cash flow, it pays to run an efficient receivables process (pun intended). It’s no wonder CFOs, VPs of Finance and more love Esker’s automation solution with cut-and-dried results like:

  • Less wasteful spending due to improved employee productivity, drastic reductions in mailroom expenses, and increased e-invoicing adoption
  • Improved customer experience thanks to convenience of self-service portal, faster dispute resolution and adherence to customer invoice delivery preferences   
  • Lower DSO as a result of faster invoice production and delivery, as well as more strategic collections management
  • Reduced staff turnover thanks to reduction of clerical work, increased focus on business-critical tasks and more professional mobility 

A win-win experience for your customers and staff

Customers are among the biggest beneficiaries when doing business with an organisation that employs AR automation thanks to wide-ranging capabilities that provide them with: 

  • 24/7 availability via a self-service web portal to view invoices, make payments, apply credits and more
  • Convenience to receive invoices based on preference and move to e-invoicing at their own pace 
  • Rapid dispute resolution using convenient built-in messaging tools 
  • Peace of mind thanks to Esker's electronic archive providing full compliance and accessibility

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