A Business Intelligence Suite Built for the Modern Enterprise

Esker’s tech suite


​Esker’s advanced solution technologies give businesses the opportunity to manage their global document processes intuitively, while guaranteeing world-class performance, innovation and data protection.


  • Cloud PlatformEsker on Demand is the multi-tenant platform behind our cloud solutions — giving businesses 100% security, scalability & confidence.Learn more
  • Artificial IntelligenceEsker's solutions expertly utilise AI, machine learning & deep learning technology to power a new breed of software innovation.Learn more
  • ERP Connectivity SuiteUsers can connect Esker's cloud solutions with all relevant ERP system(s) to facilitate seamless, straight-forward processing.Learn more
  • SecurityWith 20+ years of cloud experience, Esker provides reliable security & data protection at all levels. Learn more
  • Robotic Process AutomationRPA is software programmed to do basic human tasks, eliminating the most tedious back-office activities.Learn more
  • Mobile FunctionalityEsker offers mobile functionality across multiple solutions, helping to facilitate your global digital strategy.Learn more
  • Electronic Data InterchangeEsker's EDI B2B2G cloud platform ensures EDI integration with any trading partner, in any industry.Learn more
  • Esker PayUnlock cashflow with Esker Pay — a robust set of payment capabilities & strategic Fintech partnerships. Learn more

Inside the esker lab

What's on the horizon?


As innovators at heart, Esker is constantly working outside our comfort zone, designing, researching and evaluating our cloud automation platform to deliver more value and solve real-world business problems. Areas of research for the next 18 months cover:

  • Predictive & Prescriptive AI Analytics using historical data with Esker's AI Engine to predict future outcomes
  • Big Data and how to reinvest information into customers’ core business processes
  • Blockchain Technology to help prevent loss of trust in a digital world
  • Personal Assistant (e.g., chatbots to facilitate interactions)

Open innovation strategy

At Esker, we believe that collaboration from a broader spectrum of people breeds greater creativity. That’s why we’re partnering with outside innovators with solid expertise in their respective fields.

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