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When it comes to collecting customer cash, efficiency can make all the difference. That’s where Esker comes in. By automating what can be automated in the AR process via our AI-driven solution, your team is free to focus on the activities that really matter to the business — customer relationship building and optimising cashflow.

  • Reduce DSO
    Enhance your strategy with predictions & risk analysis to truly impact DSO.
  • Improve Visibility
    Get real-time insight into valuable AR metrics & collections performances.
  • Free Up Staff
    Empower your AR team to focus on strategic customers or high-level reporting.
  • Improve Collaboration
    Make it easier for team members & customers to collaborate with digital tools.
“The discipline that Esker drives in the credit and collections process is phenomenal. In my 20-plus years, it's the best product I've ever used based on its simplicity and ease of navigating.”
Andrew St Clair | Global Director of Financial Services | Trek Bicycle

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Thanks to automated collections, all your AR-related documents can be automatically generated and sent according to your rules and/or your customer preferences. Meanwhile, tasks requiring action are automatically assigned to the right person at the right time.

What’s more, your collections strategy is also supported by AI-driven payment behaviour analysis, which suggests prioritisation and provides better visibility into payment predictions and deeper insights that aid in risk assessment and strategy adjustments.

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Thanks to intuitive dashboards and KPIs, Esker’s solution gives users get the internal and external visibility needed to improve overall AR performance, manage team production, and better know their customers.

  • Performance monitoring

    • DSO, BPDSO, CEI, disputes, past-due, etc.
    • Collections forecast by 30-60 days
    • Collections team achievement based on possible goals
    • Response time to customer inquiries
  • Customer insights

    • Root-cause analysis (give stakeholders visibility on potential issues)
    • Payer's performance
    • Credit risk management


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    All customer and post-sales information is centralised and instantly accessible from anyone involved in collections — even those outside the department


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    Facilitate invoice-related issue resolution such as disputes or deductions with the ability to create and assign tasks to ease collaboration and speed-up issue resolution.

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    There’s no efficiency without visibility! KPIs are available at the touch of a button so you can analyse collections performance and adjust as needed.


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    With 24/7 access to their invoices, account statements, messages and payment options, Esker’s portal gives customers the autonomy they expect while saving collector’s time.


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    Ensure risky customers stay under control through payment behaviour analysis, which allows you to priority call them or adjust the collection strategy.


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    With a multi-language interface, multi-currency and unlimited user access on a global scale, Esker supports your company’s needs no matter where you’re located. 


We’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Esker and our suite of cash collection management system and software solutions.

How can the cash collection process be improved?

Overdue invoices are a bane and the greatest nightmare for any business. Collecting payment is the lifeblood of every business to sustain it and keep it going.

That is why using an automated cash collection management system is so crucial as it can assist you in ensuring you have good relationships with clients, boost your business’s cash flow, and remove unnecessary tasks that take away the time of your accounts receivable staff. Follow these simple steps to improve your organisation’s cash collection process.

  1. Automate The Invoicing and Payment Process. 
  2. Review Your Collection Strategy And Make Improvements 
  3. Deliver A Systematic Customer Experience. 
  4. Collaborate With Your Team on Accounts Receivables Collection.

How do you manage collections?

Over the years, many companies are increasingly turning to automated cash collection management system and software solutions to manage as well as expedite the collection process with clients. This trend is no surprise when you consider the numerous benefits that it brings. Some strategies businesses can implement to handle and accelerate their collection process through these systems include:

  1. Updating and automating the accounts receivable collection management software your company uses. Inefficient systems do not just delay the process but are unable to offer the tools needed to translate your credit to cash results.
  2. Re-examine your processes involving billing dates and procedures. Ensure invoices are sent to customers on a scheduled basis regularly without missing out on any required information, such as your payment terms or past due interest charged on the invoice. Two best practices many companies use is to invoice early in the month or sending invoices twice a month instead of once.

What is the cash management process?

The process of cash management involves the collection and management of cash flows from the operating, investing, and financing activities of an organisation. In business, it is a critical aspect of a company's financial stability because it ensures that it has the resources to keep the company operational. This is also the reason why increasingly businesses are turning to automated systems and software such as those provided by Esker to improve the visibility into the collections performance of their brands. It has several other benefits such as reducing DSO, freeing up your staff to focus on higher-value activities and improving the collaboration between clients and your team through the use of digital tools.

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