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Rise above the repetition

In an age of disruptions, creating a more agile and future-proof enterprise requires partnership between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI). That’s why Esker Synergy AI — the set of technologies powering Esker’s suite of solutions — gives companies the means to:

  • Free up staff to reach their full potential

    AI improves speed & accuracy within document processing by removing redundant tasks, freeing up staff to serve customers & suppliers.

  • Nurture a foundation
    of lasting growth

    From employee onboarding & retention rates to CX & cashflow, AI’s business impact lays the foundation of lasting growth.

  • Make smarter, more predictive decisions

    Thanks to AI analytics identifying anomalies & predicting outcomes, users always make the best possible business decision.

Prescriptive & predictive analytics

Driving stronger growth
with smarter data

Using data accumulated from the millions of documents processed on its digital platform over the last decade, Esker Synergy helps users enrich their day-to-day decision making and long-term forecasting using AI analytics for:

  • Predicting customer & supplier trends & behaviors to:

    • Prioritise collections according to level of risk
    • Reduce write-offs & improve DSO
    • Simplify supplier statement reconciliation
  • Enabling accurate forecasting to:

    • Speed up collections & free up cashflow
    • Prevent late payments & avoid blocked shipments
    • Drive better decision making
  • Using intelligent recommendations to:

    • Speed up non-PO invoice processing
    • Save time in daily activities
    • Detect unusual quantities in orders

“Esker Synergy AI has not only automated our process, it also enhanced the skill of our Customer Service team by making it easier to focus on customer experience.”

Andrea Zoppi | CFO & Board of Directors member

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Intelligent data recognition

Let AI do the heavy lifting

When receiving documents from customers and suppliers, Esker Synergy equips you with the powerful technology needed to extract key information, automatically enter it into your systems and even match the data against your own references. It all equates to faster employee onboarding, more time for high-value jobs and a foundation of smarter business growth.

  • Achieve high recognition rates from day 1

    with deep learning and NLP algorithms embedded in Esker Synergy for first-time recognition in customer orders, supplier invoices, remittances & claims.

  • Improve speed & accuracy over time

    thanks to machine learning's ability to remember how you manage documents and exceptions, and become more accurate and efficient along the way.

Email triage & classification

Transform how you route & respond to inquiries

Having trouble serving your customers and suppliers quickly and effectively? That’s why Esker Synergy makes email triage easy — helping your team rapidly identify and route email documents (orders, remittances, claims, account statements, invoices, shipping notices, etc.) for further processing.

For email requests that don’t require routing, the NLP-driven automatic classification ensures that each email is categorised by “Document type” so your team is empowered to provide fast and accurate responses.

“Esker’s AI-based recognition has significantly reduced manual work. We can now focus on improving other factors within our department.”

Wynona Ho | Accounts Payable manager

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The brains behind our solutions

Esker Synergy stands out among the competition with its robust set of technologies that simulate human intelligence and simplify the most complex business documents.

  • Al-driven technology

    Machine learning

    Improves data extraction by auto-learning from user corrections, while also utilising historical data analysis to predict outcomes.

    Deep learning

    Automated data extraction tech that recognises layouts & structure on invoices, orders & remittances.

    Natural language processing (NLP)

    Automated data extraction tech that recognises words & understands their context in ALL business documents.

  • Intelligent automation tools

    Character extraction

    Leading third-party tech that enables character extraction from text files or images (OCR engines).


    Trained users tell Esker's Al Engine how to recognise specific recurring documents.

    Robotic process automation (RPA)

    RPA automates the data exchange between the internal ERP system and external portals.

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