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Why automate claims management with Esker?

Esker Claims Management software streamlines the claims process, enabling Customer Service departments to efficiently handle customer issues and safeguard customer satisfaction. Utilising AI-driven data capture and automated workflow capabilities, Esker effectively manages both logistics claims involving shortages and damaged products, and financial claims linked to price discrepancies and promotions.

  • Centralise claim information

    Consolidate & track claims from various sources (email, EDI, short payment) in one location.

  • Enhance process visibility

    With real-time KPIs & charts, gain insights & trends on claims processing by date, type or customer.

  • Ease cross-department collaboration

    Promote collaboration with other departments through an approval workflow & an internal chat tool.

What our customers say ...

“We know that efficiently resolving issues is a key aspect in maintaining customer loyalty. That's why we needed a solution like Esker's, tailored to our organisation and requirements.”​

Javier Fernández-Linares, Customer Service Manager, Sanofi

"Esker’s AI technology automatically captures data from supporting claim documents, saving our team a lot of time and effort. This has also allowed us to guarantee excellent service to our customers by immediately managing the information sent to us."​

Núria Piñol Pedret, Customer Service Manager, Nestlé España

Dashboard & analytics

Effectively manage any situation with complete visibility

Customer Service managers can track aged claims and processing times using easy-to-use dashboards. These dashboards display pre-built KPIs, charts, and reports in real-time. This allows managers to monitor the status of claims and processing times efficiently. Sort claims by type, date, customer, or approver to find trends and workflow issues.

Compliance concerns? Esker’s got you covered. Full transparency and accountability are ensured by maintaining a complete audit trail of every touchpoint in the claim verification and approval process.


Tools to digitally transform the claims process

Bid farewell to manual data entry challenges

Utilising multiple layers of AI technology, Esker captures data from emails and documents, enriching claims with accurate information and putting an end to manual data entry! Constructed using a suite of technologies emulating human intelligence, Esker Synergy AI extracts data from customer-supporting documents such as credit note requests, receiving discrepancy notices or emails bodies.

Esker Synergy captures essential header information (claim reference, customer name, amount or order number) and line details (products, quantities or prices).

Accuracy is continuously improved over time as Esker Synergy automatically adjusts to layout changes and incorporats insights from user corrections.

Validate or contest claims rapidly & accurately

Esker incorporates a pre-set multi-level approval workflow into the solution, tailored to the claim type (logistics or price-related) and amount. This enables users from different departments to examine and either approve or challenge customer claims (supply chain reps for matters related to delivered products, sales reps for issues pertaining to price discrepancies, etc.).

Easily adapted to specific requirements, users within the workflow can enhance the claim case with extra information and associated documents, as well as add other colleagues to the claim workflow as needed. Furthermore, by connecting the customer claim with the associated internal documents such as order, invoice or delivery note, employees can easily retrieve all necessary information, facilitating prompt and precise approval or dispute resolution for claims.

Automating the creation of credit notes

Esker's solution seamlessly integrates with any ERP system through the Esker Connectivity Suite that offers various options for ERP integration, including middleware, APIs, or managed file exchange. This simplifies the process of implementing a solution in a hybrid ERP environment.

When used in Esker Claims Management, the integration capabilities generate claims from customers’ short payments, facilitating the tracking and subsequent investigation of those claims by CSRs. Once claims are resolved or approved within Esker's solution workflow, they can be automatically recorded in the ERP system as a credit note or on a general ledger account.

Improved communication converges with enhanced collaboration

CSRs can easily add participants to a claim, facilitating informal information gathering without having to navigate through formal approval workflows. Internal conversations are visible to all contributors directly on the claim.

Users can also engage with customers, clarifying or disputing claims using external conversations. Pre-built email templates are available to help ensure effective and consistent communication while adding a personal touch. Customers’ answers are automatically attached to the claim for clarity and information retention.

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