Recognising the value of human capital

Ensuring a strong corporate culture & dedicated managers who support diversity & employee well-being

Esker’s employees are its greatest resource

  • Retain and attract new talent by implementing policies that promote workplace well-being.

  • Offer training and career advancement opportunities.

  • Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion representing Esker’s Equal Opportunity Principles

Promoting well-being at work

Esker offers its employees comfortable and pleasant offices to promote well-being at work. Attracting new talent and retaining employees is a strong focus of Esker’s HR policy, promoted by a healthy atmosphere that contributes to the balance between private and professional life. Examples of the implementation of these policies include remote work options and locales for athletic and relaxation practices.

  • 91.4% of employees recommend Esker as a great place to work
  • Low staff turnover (13% in 2022)
  • 6 years of average company affiliation
  • ISO 45001 certification for the France mail production facility
  • 89%

    of employees surveyed agree with this statement : "I am satisfied with the way I balance my professional and personal life."

    (source: HappyIndex®AtWork2022)

Encouraging a culture of diversity & inclusion

Diversity is strength! Esker welcomes everyone to freely express their identity and develop their potential.
Our teams work daily to promote gender equality and we work with schools that are committed to equity standards.

  • Gender Equality Index:
  • 32.37% women
    67.63% men
  • Prevention & training on sexual harassment & discrimination
  • 38 nationalities represented in the workforce

Providing training & career opportunities

Esker's success is fundamentally based on the experience and expertise of its employees. Support through training is crucial to ensure the employability of staff with professional development and skill training.

  • External training participation (% of employees): 48.16%
  • Dedicated internal training department
  • 107 internal job changes (in 2022)

Living our corporate culture

Our values are shaped by a unique philosophy that guides our daily behavior and inspires our employees around the world to build effective and innovative solutions together.

  • 92,4%

    of Esker employees say they appreciate the company culture.

    (source: HappyIndex®AtWork2022)

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