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Esker's cloud-based automated procurement software optimises spend requests and goods/services ordering. What does that mean? It means that every spend request gets the required authorisation and every invoice is matched with a PO. And, with its ability to interface with a variety of users in different company departments, the cloud-based solution makes user adoption ridiculously easy.


  • Improved budget controls & follow-up via real-time analytics
  • More accurate & streamlined cash flow management
  • Increased fraud prevention, discounts & compliance


Track and search spend from beginning to end.

Spreadsheets are good for a lot of things, but performing real-time budget follow-up isn't one of them. That's where Esker’s procurement software steps up to the challenge. Every transaction — from request to receipt of goods or services — is tracked, enabling full reporting on requisitions, items purchased, orders processed and payments made.


Esker's purchase order management software also includes customisable, user-friendly dashboards to:

  • Manage daily tasks and organise priorities

  • Monitor productivity and reward top performers

  • Spot problems and opportunities as soon as they arise

Approve and process requisitions with unmatched speed and precision.

Thanks to an automated approval workflow, the correct level of authorisation is always applied to each request and spend is within the agreed-upon budget. Esker users are also granted access to products from preferred suppliers, allowing the purchase to be in-line with company procurement policies (no more maverick buying!).

Additionally, requesters get the items they want from a catalogue of approved items in the required timeframe. The buyer can acknowledge that the approvals have been received, and complete the order in just a few mouse clicks.

Esker AnywhereTM

For managers who are out of the office, Esker Anywhere, Esker’s mobile application, enables them to approve purchase requisitions and review favourite KPIs and metrics anytime, anywhere.


See How It Works

AI & RPA: P2P Digital Transformation 

How Electronic Purchasing Can Help Your Business

“I'm amazed at how user-friendly Esker's P2P solution is. We were up and running in no time with very little training required. Thanks to Esker’s automatic three-way matching, we’ve eliminated manual processing and no longer need to maintain those Excel spreadsheets! It feels like everything is aligned now.”​
Production Manager │ JCDecaux Hong-Kong Transport

Stop leaving AP high & dry

Accounts payable often has to deal with the chaos caused on the front end, along with the bad reputation that goes with it. Companies can nip this in the bud with Esker’s automated procurement software — orders are all pre-approved, meaning every invoice processed becomes PO-based and is easily matched with the corresponding PO and goods receipt. Esker’s AI-driven solution also cuts down on maverick spending, which can have severe consequences on a business’ bottom line.

Automating on the purchasing end also gives AP folks instant insights into what’s being spent, ordered and received so that they can track down missing invoices and book appropriate accruals. Now that's what we call strategic collaboration. 

P2P Solution Summary

Understanding Procure-to-Pay Automation

Optimise buyer–supplier interactions in the P2P process.

Procurement professionals who use Esker are empowered with greater leverage to negotiate price breaks, volume discounts and favourable payment terms. Esker’s self-service portal also benefits suppliers by accelerating onboarding, streamlining catalog management, providing access to invoice payment status 24/7, and facilitating the fast resolution of exceptions and discrepancies — all resulting in a happier supplier base and improved B2B transparency.

Brand your portal interface to match your company’s corporate identity! Customising our application with your own colours and logo makes it easy for your suppliers to identify your company.


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