Esker Named a Market Leader in
Ardent Partners 2021 ePayables
Technology Advisor


Offering a 360° view of supplier information, Esker’s automated platform spans the entire P2P process — equipping finance departments with AI and RPA technology and helping them effectively manage compliance, gain full process visibility and reduce staff workload.

Supplier Management
Centralise vendor data while simplifying the supplier onboarding.
Contract Management
Drive new savings with improved contract visibility and compliance.
Transform buying into an Amazon-like experience across the enterprise.
AP Automation
Reduce invoicing costs and delays thanks to AI-based technology.
Expense Management
Free up your finance team by automating hours of low-value admin tasks.
Payment & Supply Chain Financing
Automate payment approval workflow while securing discounts.




Esker's P2P Solution Recognised as a Key Solution Provider by Ardent Partners
Ardent Partners Key Solution Provider 
“Esker was a natural fit for this year's inaugural Key Solution Provider in 2020 list. They were recognised for their comprehensive ePayables solution with powerful graphics and crisp interface, enabling their customers’ success and transformation.”
Bob Cohen, vice president, Research at Ardent Partners

Challenges we help our buyers solve

Rest assured by Esker's experience. If there’s a procure-to-pay problem that needs solving, chances are Esker has a solution for it. Our cloud-based platform addresses common P2P challenges, including:

  • Lengthy or delayed cycle times
  • Maverick buying
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Late or inaccurate closings
  • Missed early payment discounts
  • Late payment fees
  • Matching orders & receipts
  • Difficult vendor negotiations
  • Rushing to place orders
  • Disparate systems & processes
  • Lack of compliance & governance
  • Low visibility throughout the cycle
“We are now able to track productivity and better manage our resources thanks to Esker’s dashboard and reporting capabilities. Esker has also helped us streamline our processes and ensure a consistent work standard." 
Jasmin Ong | Regional finance controller


Today, the P2P process is fundamental to being a competitive, financially agile enterprise. That’s why Esker has the P2P tools and technologies you need to make meaningful business transformation.

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    With universal access from a single platform and interface, Esker is the ideal digital foundation to unite your people and processes and deliver a superior supplier experience — from purchasing to payment and beyond.

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    Thanks to Esker’s built-in analytics and cutting edge AI and RPA technology, your P2P team can transform daily transactional activities into value-added business gains and get 100% visibility over direct and indirect spending. 

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    Esker's P2P platform helps you take control of financial and procurement processes by streamlining each step of the P2P cycle. Esker provides a truly end-to-end P2P solution for improving cash management and business strategy. 

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    Simply put, Esker’s P2P solutions make it easier for suppliers to conduct business with you. This type of end-to-end efficiency opens the door to new revenue opportunities that would have otherwise have been missed.

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