Esker Named a Market Leader in
Ardent Partners 2021 ePayables
Technology Advisor


Offering a 360° view of supplier information, Esker’s automated platform spans the entire P2P process — equipping finance departments with AI and RPA technology and helping them effectively manage compliance, gain full process visibility and reduce staff workload.


    Centralise vendor data while simplifying the supplier onboarding.


    Drive new savings with improved contract visibility and compliance.


    Transform buying into an Amazon-like experience across the enterprise.


Esker’s AI-based Procure-to-Pay suite has been recognised by multiple leading analyst firms.

Esker Included in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Procure-to-Pay Suites for the Third Year in a Row

Esker Recognised as a Market Leader in Ardent Partner 2021 ePayables Technology Advisor for 2nd Consecutive Year

Esker Included in the Forrester Now Tech: AP Invoice Automation, Q4 2021 Report

Is Procure-to-Pay automation worth the hype?

5 strategic benefits that prove it is

Challenges we help our buyers solve

Rest assured by Esker's experience. If there’s a procure-to-pay problem that needs solving, chances are Esker has a solution for it. Our cloud-based platform addresses common P2P challenges, including:

  • Lengthy or delayed cycle times
  • Maverick buying
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Late or inaccurate closings
  • Missed early payment discounts
  • Late payment fees
  • Matching orders & receipts
  • Difficult vendor negotiations
  • Rushing to place orders
  • Disparate systems & processes
  • Lack of compliance & governance
  • Low visibility throughout the cycle
“We are now able to track productivity and better manage our resources thanks to Esker’s dashboard and reporting capabilities. Esker has also helped us streamline our processes and ensure a consistent work standard." 
Jasmin Ong | Regional finance controller


Today, the P2P process is fundamental to being a competitive, financially agile enterprise. That’s why Esker has the P2P tools and technologies you need to make meaningful business transformation.

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    With universal access from a single platform and interface, Esker is the ideal digital foundation to unite your people and processes and deliver a superior supplier experience — from purchasing to payment and beyond.

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    Thanks to Esker’s built-in analytics and cutting edge AI and RPA technology, your P2P team can transform daily transactional activities into value-added business gains and get 100% visibility over direct and indirect spending. 

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    Esker's P2P platform helps you take control of financial and procurement processes by streamlining each step of the P2P cycle. Esker provides a truly end-to-end P2P solution for improving cash management and business strategy. 

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    Simply put, Esker’s P2P solutions make it easier for suppliers to conduct business with you. This type of end-to-end efficiency opens the door to new revenue opportunities that would have otherwise have been missed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Procure-to-Pay Software

What Is Procure-To-Pay software?

Procure-to-pay software is sometimes also referred to as purchase-to-pay software. It refers to software that provides a 360° view of what and how companies are spending money while equipping them with technology to reduce risks, manage compliance and strengthen supplier relationships. Procure-to-pay software structures the purchasing process, greatly simplifying the process of replenishing your goods and services, followed by payment. Esker software was built to tackle late payment fees, lengthy or delayed cycle times as well as the manual task of matching orders and receipts.

Similar to how Esker Accounts Payable system streamlines repetitive processes by automating them, Esker’s procure-to-pay solutions use automation to speed up your process requisitions, manage your supplier’s information, eliminate manual spend requests and goods/services ordering, resulting in substantial cost savings and process efficiencies. Esker automated digital workflow processes ensure that every request is accompanied by the correct authorisation. Whether your industry is food and beverage, consumer goods or retail, we have the procure-to-pay solutions you need to optimise your work processes so you can maximise your return on investment (ROI).

What are P2P tools?

P2P tools stand for purchase-to-pay or procure-to-pay tools. The term refers to tools sold by either procure-to-pay software vendors or platforms that offer easy accounting solutions from procurement to payment. Procure-to-pay vendors sell products that enable their clients to rationalise their purchasing and payment workflow, often by reducing manual tasks with the help of technology such as artificial intelligence.

Esker’s procure-to-purchase tool, for example, allows for fluid supplier management, by centralising vendor data for a simplified onboarding process. Our procure-to-purchase tool also automates Accounts Payable processes, which helps to lessen any delays and invoicing costs. Esker’s P2P tool also streamlines the purchasing process, which translates into a user-friendly experience.

Esker’s procure-to-pay solutions were formulated to centralise people and processes, simplify cash management and improve the global speed and visibility across the board. The software was also designed for ease-of-use by providing suppliers with a self-service portal, which in turn makes it more likely for suppliers to conduct business with you, therefore creating new revenue opportunities.

Learn more about how Esker’s automated business solutions can help you take your business to the next level. Together with our procure-to-pay software, Esker’s collection management and auto cash application solutions are made for doing business the smart way, not the hard way. Our collection management software, for example, automatically generates Accounts Receivable documents according to your stipulated preferences. Our auto cash application software, on the other hand, helps your Accounts Receivable team allocate cash while managing multiple payment sources and formats.

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